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Empowering Women, Providing Support


Empowering Women,
Providing Support


Women have unique financial needs. Historical and societal influences play a part in affecting women’s financial confidence. AlphaMark Advisors empowers women to feel comfortable managing their financial lives. Confidence and security comes through knowledge and planning. With 8 of 10 women becoming solely responsible for their financial health at some point in their lives, women need to take control of their wealth, and we are here to help. Partnering with AlphaMark Advisors can help you plan your financial future.


Young Female


Gen X (Millennial) women are not doing much better than their Baby Boomer and Gen Y counterparts at becoming more involved in finances. Even though a woman of this generation is more likely to earn equally or more than her partner, 61% still choose to defer investment and savings decisions to their husbands. Often, these women are intimidated to learn more about investing. AlphaMark is passionate about empowering the next generation to take control of their financial health. We have a female advisor, Kelly Owens, CFP®, CDFA, on staff who specializes in working with other women. Schedule a complimentary appointment with her and take the first step to financial independence.

Life Transitions


Two major trends are profoundly impacting women…women live longer than men and the divorce rate is climbing after age 50. Women often experience multiple transitions in their lives whether they are planned or unplanned. Financial decisions made during and after significant times of change have long term effect on financial wellbeing. Our experienced advisors help female clients achieve financial confidence throughout challenging life transitions:

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