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As a Registered Investment Advisor, we use a variety of analytical tools to conduct internal investment research. The major benefit of performing our own comprehensive fundamental and quantitative research is an unbiased approach to investment decisions. In addition, we utilize relationships with independent research providers to access traditional equity research, as well as expertise in fixed income and global equity trading. By combining these approaches, our clients are assured that management of their portfolios is supported by the most stringent analysis possible.




The AlphaMark equity investment philosophy is grounded by an appreciation of risk. We identify earnings momentum in high quality, high cash flow companies. It is imperative to select only those companies that have a sustainable business model through various economic conditions. A sustainable business model is one that is focused on organic growth supplemented by acquisitions and capital investment. A strong business model creates shareholder wealth as can be measured by the return on equity that a company produces. A company that produces a reliable stream of cash from operating activities can succeed in economically challenging times. AlphaMark Advisors incorporates a proprietary three-tier cash flow model to identify those companies that can produce reliable cash flow streams and are priced at a level that justifies the growth opportunity. An assessment of secular trends in the markets and the economy will exert some influence on the economic sector weightings of our portfolios. Position sizes of all of our holdings are monitored to ensure that a diversified portfolio is maintained. Disciplined investment decisions are not based on emotional trends sold by Wall Street or the media, rather based on following and adhering to our investment philosophy through all market conditions.

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