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Since divorce involves many financial issues, it makes sense to have a
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) as part of your team.


Certified Divorce Financial Analyst


A CDFA has completed education courses and passed an examination on the specific financial challenges that arise in divorce. By providing expertise relating to the financial details of your divorce, a CDFA can tailor services to help you obtain a more in-depth understanding of your financial options. Kelly Owens, CFP®, CDFA will examine the financial issues of your divorce and provide you and your attorney with data to support your case.

Financial Issues in Divorce


We help draw up budgets that demonstrate your income and expenses, along with appropriate levels of support and determine short and long-term financial impact of proposed settlements to help make the best decisions. Addressing specific challenges such as loss of health insurance and retirement plan benefits; evaluating complex assets such as stock options or pensions; and helping you better understand divorce related tax issues, are benefits we can offer.

Ongoing Support


We work with you post-divorce to help empower your financial future. Managing assets, establishing credit, establishing bank accounts, obtaining mortgages and estate planning are just a few the things that may be new to you. We help you navigate all the issues that come with new found independence. It is imperative that our clients make informed decisions in an emotional and difficult time. Having a trusted partner in your financial well-being provides peace of mind and empowerment for your future.

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