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We find safety and productivity for your assets
amidst ever changing financial currents.

Our Investment Principles:
Quality, Consistency, Stability

AlphaMark Advisors’ investment philosophy emphasizes long-term performance over short-term fluctuations. The ownership of quality stocks and bonds is the foundation of our strategy. Our equity selections center on companies characterized by consistent earnings and sales growth, strong balance sheets, and a reasonable stock price compared to industry peers. To reduce volatility we diversify by market capitalization (large and small), investment style (growth and value), and geography (domestic and international).

Based on liquidity needs and tolerance for risk, we incorporate fixed income securities as part of your portfolio. A laddered portfolio of U.S. Government Bonds can provide a stable and reliable cash flow. Where suitable, we may enhance portfolio yield through high-grade corporate bonds.

Ongoing Reviews Are Standard Procedure

Regular reviews of your portfolio assure your asset allocation reflects your personal needs and tolerance for risk. Our conservative, disciplined and analytical investment style ensures a sound investment philosophy through all
market cycles.

After reaching a comprehensive understanding of your investment objectives, your personal wealth advisor will customize a portfolio which successfully integrates your needs with the realities of the marketplace.

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